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Happy New Year?

New Year is a time loaded with different emotions - for some it is a time to party, to be with friends and family. For others it is to eat and drink too much but for others it is a time of reflection - good times and bad - happy times and sad. It can be a time of drawing a line under the past and looking forward to a new future, filled with hope.

For many people there can be an overwhelming sense of loss, whether it is through bereavement, relationships ending, loss of job, loneliness and illness. These losses appear in stark contrast to the sense of happiness that appears to be all around us.

For all of us the range of emotions and experience is part of being human. There is a time to be happy and a time to be sad. So whatever is happening in your life just now remember - it will pass.

And I do wish you a peaceful and happy 2019.

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