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I've been thinking a lot about Trauma recently. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire there has been a lot of press coverage on the effects of trauma on the residents and community.

However, trauma can be much more than these huge events that hit the headlines and it is important that if you have suffered trauma (in whatever way) that you give yourself permission to experience the emotions and feelings that you have. No trauma is too minor if it adversely affects you.

Another word that I prefer to use is disruption - some event that causes a disruption in your life. It can be illness, bereavement, exam results, redundancy, changes at work, divorce, relationship breakup. Each of these events can result in trauma and the effects on your mental health,

In many cases we adapt, and move on without the need for professional help, but if the effects last more than 12 weeks then you will probably benefit from speaking to a counsellor.

A lot of people carry these painful experiences throughout their lives and have found that it effects their health, happiness, relationships and careers. No matter how long that you may have been holding onto these feelings it is never too late to find a solution.#

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