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Musings at the Edinburgh Festival

A wet August day in Edinburgh during the busiest time of the year with the Edinburgh Festival in full swing.

I started thinking about two things

How the weather can affect mood, today was a day that had the famous sunshine and showers. When the sun came out the whole atmosphere changed, people appeared to be more open and friendly. In less of a hurry. But when the rain came on the temperature dropped people rushed to get where they needed to go, heads down to avoid the rain, It is easy for such changes in the weather to affect mood.

The Edinburgh Festival attracts people from all over the world to the city. The new performers hoping to be 'discovered'; the established performers seeking recognition; the visitors looking to be entertained, the comedies and tragedies. Played out on the stage and in the lives of real people in the city.

It made me think about the acting that goes on in people's lives. When People say they are 'fine' but hurting inside, when hurts of the past are just under the surface and come up to bite back at unexpected moments.

In these situations it is good to be able to talk to someone - a friend, partner, or relative. But sometimes you need a person who is not involved, who can listen and help you work through these issues. In these cases counselling can be a big help.

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